Catastrophic Bus Accident in California Kills 4 and Injuring Others

On Sunday morning a USA Holiday tour bus crashed into a big rig truck on the 10 West Freeway. The bus was heading back to Los Angeles from the casinos that were located in Palm Desert. There were 13 people killed, and 31 passengers were injured. So far, all of the passengers that were killed except for one have been identified. The owner of this bus and the owner of the company have been sued before for being neglectful when the bus was responsible for previous accidents in previous years. Those lawsuits had been either dropped or settled for an undisclosed amount. The driver of the bus, Elias Vides was also killed in the crash. Passengers on the bus report that the truck that was driving in front of the bus was going at a low speed when the bus driver slammed on his breaks and crashed into the back of the truck. Passengers and authorities report that the first third of the bus was crushed due to the impact of the crash. Because the bus was going at a higher speed than the truck, the trailer of the truck managed to plunge 15 feet into the bus. The first six rows of people were killed, and one passenger stated: “There was blood all over people’s faces whether they were dead or alive.” This crash has been named one of California’s deadliest crashes in history. (

( (10/23/16)

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