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Truck Accident Leaves 13 Dead, 13 Injured

Truck Accident Leaves 13 Dead & 13 Hospitalized

If you drive in California, you know very well how scary it can be to pass a semi-truck on the roads. But imagine how frightening it would be to get into a collision with one.

These massive vehicles weigh thousands of pounds, transport heavy and often dangerous cargo, and demand all drivers to exercise caution at all times. One wrong maneuver could have deadly outcomes.

The most recent truck accident data in California reveals 6,897 truck crashes occurred in 2017, resulting in 367 deaths and 9,710 injuries. Most of those fatal crashes in which the truck driver was at fault occurred because the trucker made an improper turn or drove at unsafe speeds. These accidents are also caused by factors such as distracted driving, fatigue, and poor judgment.

However, truck drivers are not always at fault. Poor driver training, cargo loading errors, mechanical defects, and unreasonable schedules play a significant role in these crashes. Not to mention, drivers of passenger vehicles make fatal mistakes, too. An example of this would be the fatal crash that occurred in Imperial County on March 2, 2021.

An SUV carrying 25 people crashed with a semi-truck hauling gravel near the US-Mexico border, leaving 13 people dead and 13 others injured. According to the California Highway Patrol Division Chief, the big rig was hauling 2 trailers and smashed into the side of the SUV at the intersection of State Route 115 and Norrish Road near Holtville. Why? The SUV entered the intersection directly in front of the semi.

Authorities are investigating whether or not human smuggling was involved.

The truck driver suffered major injuries, while the SUV driver and 12 other passengers died. Although the reason behind the unlawful number of vehicle passengers is unclear, this tragic accident demonstrates the traumatic impacts a poor decision can have. It would be dangerous and probably impossible for the semi-truck driver to avoid hitting the SUV without injuring or killing themselves or others, especially because it was transporting gravel. The SUV driver came out of nowhere, so injuries and fatalities were inevitable.

Nonetheless, this is a sad yet important reminder that anything can happen at any time. One could hope for the best, but it’s crucial to prepare for the worst ― and our job is to do just that: Prepare for the worst while fighting for the best possible outcome.

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